Sonic Producer vs DUBturbo

If you like to play with beats and create music, you should have access to quality beat making software. This will allow you to make new beats whenever you want. Sonic Producer and DUBturbo are two music making programs that give you the opportunity of making music on your computer. Which one is better, Sonic Producer or Dub Turbo? The best way of finding an answer to that is by comparing Sonic Producer vs DUBturbo.

The biggest difference between the two music making programs lies in their accessibility. Sonic Producer is an online beat maker. To use this beat making software, you will only need to log into its official website. There’s no need to download any application. On the other hand, to use Dub Turbo, you will have to download it on your computer. This means, you will be able to use Dub Turbo only when you have your computer with you. However, Sonic Producer can be accessed from anywhere.

Both Sonic Producer and DUBturbo are reasonably priced. You will need to spend only around thirty bucks for using each of these music makers. It would have been impossible to believe that you can make music on your PC without spending hundreds of dollars if these two programs were not launched. The creators of these beat makers, however, have not compromised with the quality of their software for keeping their prices low. These programs include all the features that you may need to make high quality music.

You will be able to use both Sonic Producer and Dub Turbo on all operating systems. Some other features that the two programs have in common are:

MP3 export capability

  • Huge database of beats
  • 16-track sequencer
  • Ability to produce all kinds of music ranging from Hip Hop, Rap, Jazz and instrumentals
  • The option of using piano keys and pads for recording
  • The option of saving all the music you have created
  • The ability of controlling volume and BPM

Unlike Sonic Producer, which will only allow you to export files in MP3 format, Dub Turbo also allows its users to export files in WAV format. The majority of people prefer the MP3 format, as files in the WAV format are larger and takes up a lot of space. On the other hand, the quality of the WAV files tends to be better.

How’s the sound quality of Dub Turbo and Sonic Producer? The sounds produced by both these beat making programs are of great quality. Every musical note can be heard distinctly even when the volume of these beat makers is kept between low and medium. You will have a real good time while listening to your own creations on these programs.

Consumer reports from users suggest that the interface of Sonic Producer is more user-friendly compared to that of Dub Turbo. Sonic Producer is truly versatile in its use. It is widely used by music industry professionals as well as the amateurs. The easy-to-use interface of Sonic Producer allows even a complete beginner to use it without any difficulty.

A comparison of Sonic Producer vs DUBturbo shows that both these beat makers are equally impressive as far as their features are concerned. However, the simpler user-interface and better accessibility have made Sonic Producer more popular among the music lovers. Hence, if you are looking to invest on a music making program, it should be Sonic Producer.

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